Writer in the Ink

It’s Christmas as I type these words and I just opened a gift package from a long-time reader. She sent me a beautiful cat seal and sealing wax, her present tucked into a cute Christmas tree pouch…

I love the sealing wax colors, and the seal itself is the prettiest bloom. A rose that will look so nice when used. It reminds me a bit of the Tudor roses, which, in turn, bring back fond memories of long-ago visits to Hampton Court Palace in England.

Likewise, the rose brings back mind-and-heart images of my own much-loved garden in Germany. I had the most beautiful roses and so enjoyed looking after them. Now, when I see the seal-rose, I will recall my own roses ‘back in the day’ and feel a heart squeeze.

This new rose promises to bloom beautifully again and again.

Take a look…

Of course, the star is the little silver cat who ‘holds the rose.’ He has diamond eyes and is wearing a bow-tie. Diamonds also grace his bow-tie. I’ll have to think of a name for him.

Something to suit the season, I’m thinking.

By any name, though, he’ll have pride of place on my desk and I’m viewing him as a good luck bringer. (something very welcome these days, especially)

Here he is…

As you can see, he’s very handsome and dapper. His pouch is also lovely and will keep him warm. Something he’ll appreciate if he’s anything like Snuggles, my cold-weather-hating cat who runs around in elf-and-‘Little Pudding’ English pudding jumpers these days.

So my Christmas just turned a shade brighter.

And that brings me to the title of this post. Writer in the Ink.

I’ve always said ‘know the books, know the author.’ If you read someone’s stories, you pretty much know that writer. That’s because any creative person’s ‘essence’ flows into their work. Doesn’t matter if they’re a writer, artist, musician, whatever.

Words are colored by the writer’s soul. Everything flows into the ink. Likes and dislikes, life experiences, every joy and tragedy. The things important to us, and the things we aren’t interested in. For instance, my readers surely know how much I love animals. Likewise, they are probably aware that I don’t give a flying fig about shoes.

They’ll know I’m especially fond of cats.

So, as the long-time reader who sent me this adorable seal-cat knows me so well from my stories, she knew just what I’d cherish.

And that’s pretty much my deep thoughts this Christmas Day.

Question: If you know an author, do you see them in their work? Could you read a passage and guess the author without seeing the author’s name?

I’m betting lots of you could.


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