Travel the World (sort of)

Hello, Friends!

Travel isn’t a great option these days. But there is a fun way to explore distant places, and for free. Jetting around the globe for nothing is cool even in the best of times. Just now such an escape is a real treat.

Here’s your ticket…

Radio Garden lets you roam the world. Sort of, anyway. You scroll around the globe and can listen to live radio stations.

Just go to a dot and – ta da! – you can be anywhere…

I have this free app on my desk computer and on my phone. It’s fun to nip in and out of faraway places, catching some unknown-to-me radio host talk about the weather, local happenings, or just hear the kind of music popular on the far side of the world.

Those of you who yearn for Scotland can pop by Inverness, Aberdeen, Skye, Glasgow, or wherever, and hear the soft, oh-so-adored Scottish accents.

As a winter lover, I really enjoy visiting Nova Scotia, Iceland, and Greenland.

I might be snug on the sofa here in Florida, but by scrolling to one little green dot, I’m here…

In my mind, anyway.

It’s a neat getaway right before sleep. Just open the app and ‘drop in’ to some far-flung corner of the planet for a minute to two. Listening in as if dear old Devorgilla wriggled a red plaid shoelace your way, sending you just there where your heart desires.

And now, with reality not so great, a free way to ‘travel’ is fun.

I hope you’ll enjoy zipping about the globe this way. Next time you’re frustrated, weary, or just longing to be somewhere else, you can be.

Sort of, anyway!

Any of you already know about Radio Garden? If not…

Here again is your ticket. To get going, just click here.

Happy travels!


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